There is a growing need and desire in countries around the world to come up with creative solutions for waste. Many people from various fields of expertise are putting a lot of thought and effort into reusing and recycling discarded products. Re:usable aims to give a comprehensive overview of reusable initiatives around the world, as well as bringing together designers, artists, academics, amateurs and professionals to collabaorate and exchange views on reusable products.


The first concept of Re:usable is the business card. Cut out of left over packaging cardboard/paper and stamped by hand using a wood/rubber stamp and an ink pad, just like the good old days! The cards are cut out of cookie boxes, cereal cartons, any packaging you would find around the house that is clean and stampable.

If you have any ideas, reusable products and leftover packaging or if you feel like participating in this initiative you can contact:

Laurens Hebly -

T / 0031 (0)6 4125 1133 | E /

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